В целях обеспечения уровня производительности портала временно выключена функция комментариев в заказах. О ее включении будет сообщено дополнительно.
При входе в раздел "Заказы" теперь загружаются все заказы, откуда можно добавить в корзину ранее купленные товары. Для просмотра только активных заказов воспользуйтесь фильтром "Активные".

About us

BERG is on Russian market since 1998. Today BERG is one of the largest distributors of auto parts, oils, accessories in Russia.

500 suppliers cooperate with us. BERG has a policy of high quality choice and collaborates with leading international manufacturers that work in partnershop with most of the major automakers. BERG is the official distributor of more than 100 brands.

More than 31 000 000 items for sale, with delivery time starting from 1 day are available for order.
100 000 items are permanently available at the Moscow and regional warehouses.
25 brands of lubricants and service fluids are permanently available.

20 000 customers: service stations; auto parts stores; wholesale companies; online stores.
Air delivery is provided in 25 cities in Russia. 2600 regional customers are receiving goods via air delivery.

BERG includes 28 branches and 24 representative offices in different regions of Russia.

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